Commit to ODIN TODAY to Commit to Being a Leader in Grid Resilience

Join the White House Call to Action for real-time, standardized, and transparent power outage data. We encourage you to commit to sharing data today! Utilities that commit by December 9, 2022 will be announced at the White House Summit on Electrification on December 14, 2022.

Outage Data Initiative Nationwide (ODIN) is a network of leading electric service providers who are committed to providing comprehensive interoperable power outage data. ODIN is a safe, trusted, standard for power outage data.

With your participation, we are building a common base of trusted information about customer power outages to inform life-saving emergency response and to prioritize future federal investments.

To connect with the ODIN team about sharing outage data, complete the form below:

Leading supporters of the Outage Data Initiative Nationwide include:

To learn more about joining, email ODIN@ORNL.GOV